Friday, May 24, 2013

A mystery 550 miles from home.

There we were...driving through Nevada.

I was starting the perpetual refrain, "how far!    I gotta go to the bathroom!" And out of the Corner of my eye I saw a cool thing!

"Mr. Jenny!  Ummmm!!!!!  There was a cool thing back there!   We need to turn around !"

"What kind of a cool thing?" 

"I don't know but it was cool!"

After he maneuvered the truck around we went back and found the road...

...and we drove up it and found...

You guessed it!

A cool thing!

We don't  know what the cool thing had a vent on top... 

...and there was a smaller cool thing farther up the pathway !

I have googled  but I don't really know what these things are!

But I guess knowledge doesn't really matter!

It's just about finding the cool things!

This post is also an experiment! Another cool thing is writing a blog post from your iPhone!

We are off for our adventures I hope you have a Wonderful cool thing filled day to!!!

Jenny Matlock